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Citroen GAP Insurance

Are you a proud owner of a Citroen? Now is the perfect moment to take your Citroen ownership experience to the next level with our Citroen Gap Insurance. With MotorEasy, you're not only protecting your vehicle but also your peace of mind. It's your chance to preserve the value of your Citroen and guarantee you won't face unexpected expenses in case of a write-off. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your Citroen ownership experience; choose MotorEasy Citroen Gap Insurance today. 


Why do I need Citroen Gap Insurance?

As a valued owner of a Citroen, you are aware of the distinctive charm of your vehicle. Imagine raising the level of security with MotorEasy Citroen Gap Insurance; it's the final piece of the puzzle that makes sure you're never caught off guard, even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Each year, nearly half a million cars in the UK are written off. Your current car insurance might provide a false sense of security. When your Citroen is written off or stolen, you'll face a substantial shortfall when trying to claim its full value. Insurers typically pay out based on the car's current market value, which is usually far below the cost of a brand-new replacement. Your Citroen starts to depreciate the moment it drives off the dealer's lot.

For instance, if you invested £25,000 in a brand-new Citroen C5, its value may have reduced to £10,000 after three years. Accordingly, the insurance payout for a three-year-old Citroen, in the event of a write-off, could fall short by £15,000 when compared to your initial purchase price. That's a substantial sum to come up with just to acquire a new replacement.

With MotorEasy Citroen Gap Insurance, you won't have to worry about these financial gaps and reservations. It's the smart choice to protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your beloved Citroen is comprehensively safeguarded. Make the wise choice today and secure your Citroen's future with MotorEasy Gap Insurance.


What do I get with MotorEasy?

Here's your opportunity to get full protection with MotorEasy Citroen GAP Insurance. It's your answer to ensure the complete safety of your cherished car.

MotorEasy GAP insurance guarantees that you have comprehensive coverage. Narrowing the financial gap between a devalued payout and the expense of acquiring a new vehicle, will spare you the thought of digging out extra funds to replace your Citroen.

Your GAP insurance cover will be more vital if you're financing your car through a lease or PCP arrangement, as these situations can leave you vulnerable to a sizable debt in the event of a write-off.

The best part is that MotorEasy GAP Insurance is available for all Citroen models up to 8 years old (or with up to 70,000 miles on the odometer). It's the smart, convenient, and budget-friendly choice to eliminate these risks and enjoy every moment with your Citroen, knowing it's comprehensively safeguarded. 


Citroen Car Theft

Citroen owners, now is the time to enhance your vehicle's security with MotorEasy Citroen GAP Insurance, especially in light of car theft – here's why it's a must:

GAP insurance ensures you're not left in the event of a write-off, which happens more often than you'd think, with over half a million cars being written off annually. Many of these write-offs are due to accidents, but what sets MotorEasy GAP insurance apart is that it also covers car theft, an important cause of write-offs. And here's the reality check: Car theft is on the rise.

In the UK, a staggering 112,174 motor vehicles were stolen in 2017/18, equal to 307 thefts daily. This figure represents a significant increase over previous years, continuing a five-year trend of a 50% jump in car theft. These statistics highlight the need for comprehensive protection.

With MotorEasy Citroen GAP Insurance, you have the chance to secure your Citroen against this growing risk, safeguarding your investment and peace of mind. Don't wait – choose MotorEasy Citroen GAP Insurance today to stay ahead of car theft.


Citroen GAP Insurance quote

Don't miss out on your chance to secure your vehicle with MotorEasy Citroen GAP Insurance. It's a simple, hassle-free process. Our informative GAP Insurance page provides everything you need, along with a user-friendly tool for generating your quote in mere seconds. Don't wait – get your quote today and ensure your Citroen is fully protected.