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Land Rover GAP Insurance

Since their debut in 1948, Land Rovers have reigned as iconic motor vehicles, equally adept at conquering rugged off-road terrains and dominating city streets. Fast forward to today, and Land Rovers still wear that rugged badge of honour with pride, but they've also evolved into a perfect blend of brawn and beauty, with interiors that whisper luxury.

Land Rover owners form a unique club, a select fraternity that knows firsthand that ruggedness and luxury can indeed go hand in hand. When they steer their exquisitely engineered machines across the country, they understand that the journey is just as thrilling as the destination.

With vehicles as magnificent as these, it's only natural that you'd want to shield them – and by extension, your finances – from any unforeseen calamities, especially your beloved Land Rover being written off. This is where your trusty MotorEasy Land Rover GAP Insurance comes in.

But what exactly does this insurance bring to the table? It's designed to bridge the gap between the payout your insurance company offers and the sum you'd need to secure a like-for-like replacement for your cherished Land Rover. So, you can relish your Land Rover experience with peace of mind, knowing that come what may, your journey will always have a smooth road ahead.


Land Rover GAP Insurance with MotorEasy

When it comes to your Land Rover and its GAP insurance, the first and most splendid thing you receive is an abundance of peace of mind. You can sleep soundly, knowing that if the stars aligned in the worst possible way for your Land Rover – be it an accidental write-off or a theft and subsequent write-off – you're under the protective wing of your policy.

What does this really mean for you in financial terms? Imagine this - You strolled into the dealership, handed over £40,000,and drove home in your Land Rover the very same day. Fast forward just three years, and if anything were to go haywire, your trusty car insurance provider would only step up to the plate with roughly £14,000. This is because cars can shed up to a whopping 60% of their value in the initial three years, all thanks to depreciation.

The longer you cherish your Land Rover, the more it depreciates. That's why GAP insurance can be your unsung hero, bridging the gap between what your insurance provider pegs as your Land Rover's 'market value' and the genuine price tag of a like-for-like replacement.

The case for GAP Insurance is even more robust if you have taken your Land Rover out on a lease arrangement or PCP financing. In these scenarios, a write-off could lead you into a rather sticky financial spot.

Don’t worry though, Land Rover GAP Insurance has got your back. Whether your car is fairly new or boasts a few more miles under the hood (but not exceeding 8 years old or 70,000 miles on the clock), it's your savvy, straightforward and wallet-friendly ticket to say goodbye to those lurking risks and make the most of your Land Rover adventures.


What are the benefits of getting your Land Rover GAP Insurance with MotorEasy?

At MotorEasy, we're all about piling on the perks with your Land Rover GAP Insurance, which are enjoyed by our many customers:

  • Say goodbye to those pesky motor insurance excesses, as we'll take care of up to a generous £1000.
  • Whether it's optional extras or accessories, consider them covered – but only if they're factory or dealer-fitted.
  • Planning a road trip across Europe? We've got you covered.
  • And when it comes to maintaining and repairing your Land Rover, we've got some great savings lined up just for you.
  • Let's not forget your shiny FREE MotorEasy account, your virtual HQ where all your car's details, essential documents, timely reminders and exclusive motoring offers reside.



Does Land Rover GAP Insurance Cover Theft?

While it's not the cheeriest topic to think about, the harsh reality is that the prospect of your Land Rover being stolen away without your consent is something we must acknowledge. Here at MotorEasy, we don't just twiddle our thumbs when it comes to accidental write-offs from your own doing; we've got your back if your car is stolen and then tragically written off! Sadly, theft is a notorious contributor to the write-off tally each year and the numbers don't lie – car theft is on the up and up.

In 2017/18, a staggering 112,174 motor vehicles pulled a vanishing act in the UK. That equates to 307 vehicles getting stolen every single day. Even more sobering is the fact that this figure marks a significant uptick from previous years, continuing a 50% surge in car theft over the last five years.

With this stark reality at the forefront of your mind, it only makes sense to get the best protection you can. And that's where your Land Rover GAP Insurance comes in, allowing both you and your vehicle to breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that you're protected.



How much does Land Rover GAP Insurance cost?

When it comes to determining the cost of Land Rover GAP Insurance, several key factors come into play, including your age and the specific model of your vehicle. MotorEasy offers a financial advantage here, potentially reducing the expense by as much as 75% compared to acquiring a similar policy through a dealership or lender.

Our goal is to ensure that while providing comprehensive protection for your Land Rover, it doesn't cost too much, and that way, you can drive your Land Rover without worrying about money and feel safe too.



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