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Chevrolet Car Warranty Quote

Safeguard your savings with a Chevrolet car warranty, ensuring you're covered for any labour or parts replacements needed on your vehicle.

Many Chevy drivers say that there’s a special bond between them and their cars, which is why the right protection is so important. No matter what your driving needs, you’re guaranteed to get peace of mind with our Chevrolet warranty – which is exactly what you want if you’re hitting the open road in style!


Why Do I Need A Chevrolet Warranty?

Our Chevrolet warranties are designed to offer the best combination of cover and value, delivering many features that aren’t available with a Chevrolet manufacturer warranty.

Our Chevrolet extended warranty plans cover:

  • Failures identified during MOTs and servicing
  • Wear and tear – a feature not present in a standard Chevrolet manufacturer warranty
  • Consequential damage as standard, including repairs or replacements directly impacted by failure
  • Overheating failures
  • Air conditioning issues


The Benefits Of A MotorEasy Chevrolet Warranty

Having a MotorEasy warranty for your Chevrolet grants you access to exclusive perks such as:

  • Our monitored repair process tracks your progress and ensures work is completed to our agreed standard
  • We pay garages directly so you’re never out of pocket
  • Access to our network of 10,000 garages nationwide
  • Create a free digital logbook in your online MotorEasy account where you can create a digital logbook for your car, with useful date reminders and access to special MotorEasy discounts
  • 24/7 online booking


How Do I Get A Chevrolet Warranty Quote

Just head over to our quote builder and provide us with your vehicle’s registration along with a few personal details. Alternatively, you can live chat with our warranty experts, or give us a call on freephone 0800 131 0001. Need help? Don't forget, we're here and ready to help you in case of any mechanical or electrical issues.

MotorEasy offers Chevrolet warranties covering the entire range, and these advantages extend to warranties covering all manufacturers. You also have the option to select a Lite plan, tailored to provide coverage in the event of a breakdown requiring roadside recovery for your vehicle.

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Chevrolet reliability: common Chevrolet repairs

The MotorEasy Reliability Index measures the dependability of a car, as an average of the frequency and cost of repairs for over 1,200 models. It reveals some of the hidden costs of ownership, as well as the likelihood of something going wrong. Each model is given a reliability score ranging from -100 (red), for a high frequency and/or high cost of repair, through to +100 (green), where there is a low frequency and cost of repair.

The index also includes model-specific data on:

  • The typical repairs needed for each model, including the percentage of claims for engine, gearbox, electrical system, suspension, braking system and fuel system repairs
  • Common repairs you would be covered for with a Chevrolet warranty
  • The average cost for each of the above types of repairs

Select from the list below to view Chevrolet reliability index data:

MotorEasy Reliability Score: 4.8
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £867.55 16.92%
Gearbox £1,568.45 9.23%
Electrical system £197.39 10.77%
Suspension £327.53 24.62%
Braking system £175.03 32.31%
Fuel system £298.07 6.15%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

MotorEasy Reliability Score: 7.9
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £160.40 15.00%
Gearbox £542.40 5.00%
Electrical system £169.55 15.00%
Suspension £195.53 35.00%
Braking system £134.97 25.00%
Fuel system £20.21 5.00%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

MotorEasy Reliability Score: 6.1
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £1,041.56 22.73%
Electrical system £240.00 4.55%
Suspension £254.83 68.18%
Braking system £181.66 4.55%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

Chevrolet Warranty FAQs

How long is a Chevrolet factory warranty?

A Chevrolet factory warranty lasts for 3 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes first. Chevrolet ceased selling cars in Europe in December 2015. If you’re still driving a Chevrolet. You’ll need an extended warranty to keep it in the best condition & stave off expensive repair bills. If your car is less than 12 years old and has fewer than 120,000 miles on the clock - we can provide you with a Chevrolet Extended warranty.


How can I check if my Chevrolet has a warranty?

Since Chevrolet stopped trading in Europe in 2015 there are no franchised Chevrolet dealers in the UK - It’s not easy. If your car is over 3 years old it won’t be covered by a Chevy new car warranty. If your car is over 5 years old and has done more than 60,000 miles it is unlikely to have an extended warranty from Chevy.


What is the Chevrolet extended warranty cost?

An extended warranty for your Chevrolet depends on the model & mileage of your car. As there are no official Chevrolet dealers in the UK, you’ll need to purchase an extended warranty from an expert provider such as MotorEasy. A typical car warranty repair costs, on average, £438. This could be covered by an extended warranty that starts immediately if you get Chevrolet extended warranty cover from MotorEasy.


Can you get a Chevrolet warranty for a used car?

As there are no longer any Chevrolet dealers in the UK the chances are your car came from a trader or, was purchased privately. In both of those instances, you should really be looking for more extensive warranty cover for your new car.

We can of course provide you with MotorEasy extended Chevrolet warranty cover as long as your car has fewer than 120,000 miles on the clock and is less than 12 years old.

You’ll not only get the peace of mind that comes with our more extensive warranty cover but also these additional benefits to make your life easier:

  • A free digital logbook in your MotorEasy account with useful date reminders (such as service and MOT dates)and access to special MotorEasy discounts
  • Our monitored repair process tracks your progress and ensures work is completed to our agreed high standard
  • You're never out of pocket - We pay network garages directly
  • Access our network of 10,000 garages nationwide
  • 24/7 online bookings

To get a quote for your Chevrolet extended warranty from MotorEasy you can either

1. Call us for free on 0800 131 0001


2. Pop in your registration to get a Chevrolet extended warranty

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